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Posted by Allegra Whistler at Aug 3, 2019 6:34PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Our Umpires of the Month for June are Abbie Collett, Rebecca Lyon and Malcolm Lemaire!

For the month of June, we decided to split the Umpire of the Month award between three of our young umpires that successfully passed their community this spring season!

Abbie (left) has played field hockey for 8 and started umpiring in 2018, as she wanted to give back to the club and to understand the game better. As an umpire, she enjoys helping young players, such as our mites and minis, improve their skills. Abbie’s main goal this season was to pass her community assessment, and she has succeeded! She hopes to develop as an umpire as time goes on and play during the fall league.

Rebecca (centre) has been with the TCE field hockey club since the age of six – over 11 years of hockey! She currently plays on our fall division 1 women’s squad and the U18 Venom. Outside of the club she plays on a regional team and for Port Moody Secondary School. Rebecca decided to join the TCE umpiring squad to learn more about field hockey. In the future, Rebecca hopes to work towards her provincial umpire certification.

Last but not least, Malcolm (right) has been playing field hockey for over 9 years. Her currently plays for the Gobind Sarvar in Surrey. Like Abbie and Rebecca, he decided to become an umpire to better understand the game and to make money! As an official, he enjoys keeping the game safe and fair. Malcolm hopes to learn more as an umpire and upgrade his rating.

It has been rewarding to watch all three of you improve and become strong independent umpires this season. Congratulations on obtaining your community rating! We look forward to your achievements in the future.

Umpire Spotlight - May

Posted by Allegra Whistler at Jun 25, 2019 10:02PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Our Umpires of the Month for May are Kinley Yu, Saylor Kuefler and Hope Scheibal!

For May, we couldn’t decide on a single umpire of the month, so we decided to settle for three of our newest umpires who have showed plenty of progress this season.

Kinley (left) has been playing field hockey for five years for her school and our spring league teams. She decided to give umpiring a try to learn a new skill. So far, Kinley likes using her whistle and enjoys helping mite and mini players to learn the rules.

Like Kinley, Saylor (middle) plays field hockey for her school and our spring league teams. She also has participated in Shiv’s Coaching Academy. After eight years of playing the game, she will be trying out for one of our Fall Women’s teams! Saylor picked up the whistle this year because she wanted to develop respect and a greater understanding for field hockey. She enjoys umpiring because it allows her to feel that she is contributing to the community.

Last but not least… Hope (right) has been playing field hockey for seven years with the Tri-City Eagles Field Hockey Club. Within the last year, she has joined the teams for Centennial High School, Polar Bears and Fall Women’s league. Hope always wanted to give umpiring a go, but didn’t have time until this year. As an umpire, she loves watching younger players develop their skills.

All three umpires hope to pass their community assessment soon. Hope also expressed that she’d like to earn more money to buy a new pair of turf shoes.

Fantastic work so far this season ladies! Our club is so lucky to have keen young umpires such as yourselves. You are an inspiration to other field hockey players to become an umpire. Good luck getting your community assessments (and those turf shoes).

Umpire Spotlight - April

Posted by Allegra Whistler at May 8, 2019 7:52AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Halle Osmond is our Umpire of the Month for April!

Halle has played with the Tri-City Eagles Field Hockey Club for 9 years. She became an umpire 3 years ago because she wanted to understand the game better. Since then, she has become one of our most involved upcoming younger umpires, officiating games in the Spring and Fall seasons. Halle is currently mentoring our younger umpires and is working towards upgrading to a provincial umpire rating. She enjoys umpiring because she can see the game from a different perspective.

Aside from umpiring, Halle plays for the Spring U17/18 Raptors and for our Fall Division 3 team. She is also a co-captain on the field hockey team at Gleneagle Secondary School, where she will be starting her senior year in September 2019.

Thanks for your dedication Halle! You’re a role model to the younger umpires that you mentor. Keep up the awesome work!