Defensive receptions

Hey peeps,
Last night at practice, I was chatting with some of you about adjusting your left hand/arm out a bit in front of you - which is most cases, can significantly help control and place the ball in a strong position. I was looking for some video's tonight that demonstrated this adjustment, and found one (although it is in Spanish - with Eng subtitles) I believe it demonstrates my points effectively.

See ya Saturday. M

free hits outside the Attacking D

Players defending a free hit outside or near the circle (within 5m) have an obligation to get out of the directional path of the ball until it has traveled 5m. Players who do not recognize this risk a PC to their team.

Body and 3rd Party Obstruction

Hi ladies,

In In this video, the hosts address issues such as 3rd Party Obstruction and Body Obstruction/Shielding. These rules also apply to the goal keeper and highlight when a PC would be awarded, or when a possible Stroke would be awarded against a GK. Obviously, there are a variety of other scenarios in which an obstruction call may be made, but I hope that this is helpful to highlight some of the common calls.

Stick Obstruction

Hi ladies,

I will be posting a series of videos that add some clarification to the obstruction rule. This first one focuses on stick obstruction.

It is important to clarify that both the ball carrier and the opponent can obstruct, and the call can go either way depending on the infringement. Enjoy. M

Playing the ball through the back - with counter cover

Lovely to see you all last night. Unfortunately, the restaurant wifi was not cooperating - so I was unable to share a few video's and notes that I had planned on my laptop - so we adapted:)

TECHNICAL VIDEO 1: Playing the ball through the back, and managing the press.

Note the 3 & 4 man defensive structure for playing the ball back changes (3D and a wide mid, or 4D) depending on the press and where the attack pressure is. 2 touch passing in most instances and scanning for options and shape moves in and out from Deep V, to Deep V with square pass depending on pressure. Look at how the off ball side players slide in to counter cover and pinch into the middle. So good. I understand that the ball moves differently on our turf - but same principles apply for every turf, and all players need to be able to send a powerful sweep hit and outlet the ball and overload one side of the other on the counter attack.

Later in the video you can see how the strategy varies based on where the attackers (blue x's) are pressuring. This is a quality video and demonstrates exactly what I wanted to see on Saturday. Let's build from here. Hope you find this helpful. Text me or send me a comment if you like this.

individual skills

Hi team,
Great work tonight under horrendous conditions. Attached is a link with a good example of the inside outside stick skills we were working on tonight at practice, which are useful for elimination anywhere on the field, but particularly helpful as we attack the circle and have shots on net. Next week I am hoping to coordinate a guest coach for some further work with our D on outletting. So far, I have Hannah, Kim, Alana and Syd not available. I will try to call up some subs - but given the time and location - may not get any. Stay tuned!

Successful Outletting and Transition out of the D

Hi ladies,
We will be working on quick transitions and outletting from the D over the coming weeks...focus will be on sweep hitting, using the deep defender to move the ball around the back with speed while under pressure.


20 Minute HIIT Workout

Hey ladies,

If you are interested, here is a 20 minute intensive workout that can be done in a relatively small space. Try it and let me know what you think.


Swivel Movement to eliminate under pressure

Hi ladies,

We will again be working on the swivel movement to eliminate a defender, especially in the mid field and or in the attacking circle. This is not a move that I recommend executed in the D for obvious reasons. We will be working on this again during the practice, so please review and familiarize yourself with the footwork, and how to approach the defender and then swivel into a passing or shooting position.

Drag Flicking with Chris Ciriello - Australian Olympian

Chris is one of the best in the world! Tips to this skill:
**2 steps away from ball (reception-top of circle-2nd step)
**Right foot 45 degrees (approaching the ball)
**Left leg/foot in line with ball (parallel to baseline) on circle line
** Right leg cross tightly behind - outside hip to goal
**Big left step with toes pointing towards goal/target
** keep contact with the ball as long as possible, finish with power push at goal, stick to target, wrap stick around you, stay low. Have fun.

Outletting and Lead Patterns

We will be practicing this for the game on the weekend, and also next week at practice. Please review before the game.

slap hitting

Two types of slap hitting shown here. Slap hitting/Slap Sweep for distance, and the Slap Hit for elevated shots on net. Pay attention to what Sophie says about where to place the ball in relation to the direction you want to send it, how far to swing back, and what happens when you stop your swing. She also mentioned some disguised passing tips, which we have talked about at practice, but not had much opportunity to practice yet.

Stick trapping on the circle.

Hi ladies,

Another great clip showing you various ways to stick trap the ball on the circle - not just for use when drag flicking, but also for a straight shot #1 PC into the circle.

goalie defending

some great insights here.

When your friends prank you

Controlling the ball as a goalie

Grace, some good tips for you in terms of controlling the direction of the ball as the goalie.

Chop Shots and Elimination skills

Lifted shots on net

Tipping Skills

We will be doing this specific Tipping Drill at Practice this week.

advanced elimination skills #6

Jab tackle into block tackle

More skills that you can work on with a buddy, or at practice 1v1. Look at how the defender delays and delays again until the ball carrier is in the right place to make the clean block tackle.

Chanelling and Double teaming the attacker.

1v1 tackling in confined spaces

Aerials and lifted passing

Watch and learn. We can practice these at practice this week.

Goalie techniques

Caitlin - this one is for you.

Defending Skills - ON Fire

Hey Ladies,

Did you know that you can use the grip side of your stick in tackles, and also in short corners? Take a look at this video for some creative ideas about how to make great tackles.

Michelle, Lisa and Amira.

Fakey or deception sweep hitting

Some really fabulous tips in this video for fake sweep hitting passing left or right.

forehand hitting

Hi everyone,

A few tips and suggestions for forehand hitting. Adjust the placement of the ball to raise it up, slightly ahead of your leading foot. Alternatively, roll your hands back slightly to open up the face of the blade - and swing cleanly through.

Short Corner Technical skills

Injector, stick trap, shooter.

More elimination skills

More techniques on drag flicks

Love to see you guys trying this at the field. Look at the body position, steps and how low the players are to the ground. Direction of the ball is guided by position on the stick, and shoulders at goal. Enjoy.

Stick traping on attacking short corners.

Hi gals,

I know that we have not done much of this as yet, but my hope is for you to try throughout the season, especially on the water based turfs. The ultimate goal would be to move towards trap and hit attacking combinations on the circle, and even have a few of you try drag flicking.



Hey gals, just some further skills and tips on Toma's.

Key Points:
- get low early in the shot
- swing through smooth
- shoot of the right foot (although I prefer to shoot off my left)
- look to create right angles at legs and arms for form.

Tomahawks and Reverse shots at

My favorite way to teach this skill - very effective and works every time. Be sure to practice this way when you have time. Build from the basics to the moving ball - and you will be a Tomma Champ!!!


3D Elimination Skills with Sophie Nottle

Lifting the ball
- Note that the ball carrier needs to make the defender commit weight one direction (driving ball at right foot at speed here) in order eliminate, pull right/drag right, and lift over stick for the shot in the circle.
- Note how low the ball carrier needs to be to get under the ball and lift - this is done by the arm/hand positions, low to the ground position, and forward movement.
- Exposes weak side of Defender.


Tackling Skills - England Hockey

Further to my discussions about tackling and defending - please watch the following clips for additional learning.

- Note stance of the defender and the side on positions
- Note approach to the player: curl in to close down the space
- Note distance from the opposition until the right time