advanced elimination skills #6

Jab tackle into block tackle

More skills that you can work on with a buddy, or at practice 1v1. Look at how the defender delays and delays again until the ball carrier is in the right place to make the clean block tackle.

Chanelling and Double teaming the attacker.

1v1 tackling in confined spaces

Aerials and lifted passing

Watch and learn. We can practice these at practice this week.

Goalie techniques

Caitlin - this one is for you.

Defending Skills - ON Fire

Hey Ladies,

Did you know that you can use the grip side of your stick in tackles, and also in short corners? Take a look at this video for some creative ideas about how to make great tackles.

Michelle, Lisa and Amira.

Fakey or deception sweep hitting

Some really fabulous tips in this video for fake sweep hitting passing left or right.

forehand hitting

Hi everyone,

A few tips and suggestions for forehand hitting. Adjust the placement of the ball to raise it up, slightly ahead of your leading foot. Alternatively, roll your hands back slightly to open up the face of the blade - and swing cleanly through.

Short Corner Technical skills

Injector, stick trap, shooter.

More elimination skills

Let's practice some these these great skills this week at Practice. Get ready Caitlin.

More techniques on drag flicks

Love to see you guys trying this at the field. Look at the body position, steps and how low the players are to the ground. Direction of the ball is guided by position on the stick, and shoulders at goal. Enjoy.

Stick traping on attacking short corners.

Hi gals,

I know that we have not done much of this as yet, but my hope is for you to try throughout the season, especially on the water based turfs. The ultimate goal would be to move towards trap and hit attacking combinations on the circle, and even have a few of you try drag flicking.



Hey gals, just some further skills and tips on Toma's.

Key Points:
- get low early in the shot
- swing through smooth
- shoot of the right foot (although I prefer to shoot off my left)
- look to create right angles at legs and arms for form.

Tomahawks and Reverse shots at

My favorite way to teach this skill - very effective and works every time. Be sure to practice this way when you have time. Build from the basics to the moving ball - and you will be a Tomma Champ!!!


3D Elimination Skills with Sophie Nottle

Lifting the ball
- Note that the ball carrier needs to make the defender commit weight one direction (driving ball at right foot at speed here) in order eliminate, pull right/drag right, and lift over stick for the shot in the circle.
- Note how low the ball carrier needs to be to get under the ball and lift - this is done by the arm/hand positions, low to the ground position, and forward movement.
- Exposes weak side of Defender.

We will practice this skills this week.
Michelle, Lisa and Amira

Tackling Skills - England Hockey

Further to my discussions about tackling and defending - please watch the following clips for additional learning.

- Note stance of the defender and the side on positions
- Note approach to the player: curl in to close down the space
- Note distance from the opposition until the right time

Your coaching team
Michelle, Lisa and Amira.