Happy New Year, and 2019 Game Schedule

Posted by Michelle Harrison on Jan 02 2019 at 02:58PM PST

Hi All,

As discussed, there has been an update to our game schedule for Jan 19. Details below. Please update your calendars.

Sat 12-Jan Coquitlam 2:30pm Div 3 Eagles 3 vs India 1
Sat 19-Jan Coquitlam 4:00pm Div 3 Eagles 3 vs West Van 6was 5:30pm.
Sat 26-Jan Coquitlam 1:00pm Div 3 Eagles 3 vs Tiger Sharks
Sat 02-Feb Coquitlam 4:00pm Div 3 Eagles 3 vs Saker Falcons
SUN 10-Feb Hamber 3:00pm Div 3 Thunder vs Eagles 3
Sat Feb 16 Cariboo Oval at Taylor and Armstrong, 10:30am, Div 3 vs BBY Bears

Looking forward to seeing you all. Michelle, Lisa and Amira.