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Calling for Spring 2020 Umpires!

Posted by Allegra Whistler at Feb 18, 2020 11:01AM PST ( 0 Comments )

Greetings Tri-City Eagles,

It’s that time of year where our Club is recruiting umpires for our upcoming Spring 2020 season. If you, your son or daughter are interested in umpiring this season please fill out the umpire declaration form here:

I will be releasing more detailed information regarding umpiring to those that express interest in the upcoming weeks. If you have any questions please contact your umpire coordinator, Allegra Whistler, at

I look forward to working with everyone for another exciting Spring season!

- Allegra Whistler

Hi again,

Apparently, our Quarter Final games are back on again. Surprise! Just when you thought the games were done! Schedule below, along with communication directly from VWFHA. Please read it carefully as there is important information to review.


Sat 29-Feb Wright 9:00 Two Q1 (H)First vs (A) Eighth
Sat 29-Feb Wright 10:30 Two Q2 (H)Second vs (A) Seventh
Sat 29-Feb Rutledge 12:00 Two Q3 (H)Third vs (A) Sixth
Sat 29-Feb Rutledge 1:30 Two Q4 (H)Fourth vs (A) Fifth

Winner of each Quarter Final game will advance to the Semi’s March 7/8. Finals are scheduled for Mar 14/15.

Due to restricted field availability, we only have 1.5 hours allotted for each Quarter Final game. This means shoot outs will NOT be possible. After careful thought, it was decided that should a game result in a tie after regulation time, the highest ranked team after regular league play, will advance to the Semi Finals. This seems fair as that team earned the higher seeding after playing 18 league games.

In the event that ANY of the Quarter Final games within a division is not completed for ANY reason, the Quarter Finals for that division will become VOID and the Top 4 teams after regular league play, will advance to the Semi-Finals.
NOT completed = a full 1/2 game is not played. ANY reason = weather, injury during the game, etc..

**We still have a lot of make up games for the weekend of Feb 22/23. If any regular league games are not completed before the Quarter Final weekend, then we will NOT go ahead with the Quarters for the division where there are outstanding regular games to be played. I will send an email on Monday, Feb 24th announcing/confirming where we stand with the Quarter Finals.

The priority is regular league games as these may affect placement next season. The Quarter Finals is a weekend of extra games and we feel you earned it with your patience this season! With no games the BC Family Day long weekend, it was also too many weekends of not playing before the Semi Finals for some of the teams.

See you at practice, M

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Lots of snow predicted for tomorrow

Posted by Michelle Harrison at Feb 3, 2020 8:44PM PST

Hey ladies,

It is possible that we may get a decent accumulation of snow tomorrow afternoon and into the evening tomorrow. As I live close to the fields, I will let you know around 5pm-5:30pm (especially for those who live at least 45 minutes away) so that you know whether we are good to practice or not.

As for the weather for Saturday, it is TBC. I will send out a message on Thurs/Friday to confirm.

Please update your team pages attendance if you have not already.


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Game tomorrow (Feb 1) Hamber - Still on

Posted by Michelle Harrison at Jan 31, 2020 11:41PM PST

Hi Team,

With the torrential downpour continuing into the night tonight, please check the VWFHA website front page/noticeboard before you leave to see if there are any field cancelations. I suspect with the new drainage and work done on the field that we will not have a flooding issue, and that the game will go ahead, but we may also have to assess at the field too for safety. If the game is cancelled ahead of time, I will send out a team pages notification. Otherwise, see you there.

If you have not updated your team pages attendance for the game tomorrow – please do so.



Spring League 2020 Registration for all Junior players closed on February 3rd,
All players who register after this date will be placed on a WAIT list and not be placed on a team until a spot becomes available.
Please remember you must register or renew your membership with FHBC before registering with TCEFHC!
Don’t wait….REGISTER NOW!